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Podcast Mini Series

From Transform 2023 in Las Vegas

William Tincup

March 28 & 29
with William Tincup

DE&I Conversations with Transformative Leaders

March 27–29, 2023 | Las Vegas, NV

Recorded live from Transform 2023 with Greenhouse and RecruitingDaily, this is a new podcast series featuring transformative leaders discussing the changing conversation around DE&I.

In this preview episode, William Tincup is joined by Donald Knight, Chief People Officer of Greenhouse Software, to discuss what to expect from the coming series.

They see the conversation on DEI has shifted towards allyship and championing all people, as the root word of allyship is “all.” Donald emphasizes the need to engage in these conversations all the time and for all people.

This series is a must-listen for anyone interested in DEI and creating meaningful change in their workplace. Join us for lessons learned, progress and pitfalls, and candid conversations about growth and transformation.

"The definition of transform is to make a thorough or meaningful change. And I'm here to tell you, the conversation has changed around DE&I."
Donald Knight
Chief People Officer, Greenhouse Software


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