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The world’s largest job matching and hiring site, Indeed, is taking another step forward in its Pay for Results pricing option to help employers focus their efforts on acquiring qualifying… Read more

Many businesses rely on independent contractors to plug gaps in their workforce, and building good working relationships with freelancers allows organizations of all sizes to be more flexible and agile…. Read more

Jeanette Leeds and William Tincup teach us about strategies to accelerate volume hiring by leveraging technology to effectively manage high-volume recruitment and attract top-quality talent. In addition, they tackle best practices for conveying a compelling employer brand that resonates with potential candidates and expedites the hiring process.

Over the last ten years, several big companies have faced costly litigation relating to background check violations. Former applicants have sued them for allegedly violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act… Read more

Avionte unveiled its 24/7 MOBILE JOB BOARD, an application that works with the company’s 24/7 Mobile Talent solution to create a recruiting tool. The product allows users to search jobs… Read more

Hiring automation platform Fyndo recently launched. The company aims to aid small and medium-sized businesses in their hiring process with the addition of automation in processes such as posting jobs… Read more

Countless business functions—from customer service to sales and content marketing—are being improved through a mix of data, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. But a digital divide remains in one… Read more

As the healthcare industry continues to grow, the need for medical billing professionals has never been higher. Medical billers play a vital role in ensuring that healthcare providers get paid… Read more

Maintaining a safe and secure environment for all employees is a crucial component in the successful operation of a business. Failing to implement appropriate workplace safety measures and security procedures… Read more

Student populations have untapped potential when it comes to recruiting and sourcing. Especially when it comes to internship and entry level positions, students can be a worthwhile group of talent…. Read more

SeekOut launched SeekOut Assist, a product that uses AI to help recruiters move from job description to initial contact with candidates quickly. The offering’s AI technology is based on a… Read more

Beamery launched TalentGPT, a HR technology that uses generative AI to help deliver personalized experiences in the workplace. The product offers a “single assistant” using Beamery’s existing AI along with… Read more

Generation Z is becoming a larger part of the workforce and recruiters are scrambling to figure out how to attract and engage this new generation of candidates. On top of… Read more

With the blockbuster debut of ChatGPT and the recent revelations about Microsoft’s new Bing chatbot (that it generates responses that seem neurotic, threatening, and emotionally coercive), the benefits and perils… Read more

As HR professionals focus on building more predictive hiring processes, they will need to reevaluate certain conventional hiring methods. For example, a large body of evidence demonstrates that unstructured interviews… Read more

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