Recruit Holdings, the Japanese parent-company of Indeed and Glassdoor, has released its quarterly earnings report. Overall the numbers are strong, both from a revenue perspective as well as engagement.

Indeed saw strong growth, with unique visitors growing from 250 million in March to 300 million in September. Recruit attributes this to several factors, from tweaks made to how they attract traffic, moving from an external measurement tool (Google Analytics) to one built internally. In addition, according to the company: “There has been a partial or full rebound in the number of people participating in the labor force and an increase in the rate of job switching in many countries in which Indeed operates websites.”

Recruit Holdings also reported continued growth and adoptions of its SMB-oriented business suite Air Business Tools, specifically driven by sales of its applicant tracking system “AirWORK ATS”. The solution is targeted at the Japanese market.

The company has also announced a share buyback of 2.5%, which began mid-October.

You can find the full report here.

By Martin Burns

Martin Burns is a Managing Editor & Analyst for Referred to as someone who’s “kind of done it all in recruiting”, Martin Burns is a talent acquisition practitioner as well as commentator. For the past three years, he has been reporting on and analyzing news that impacts the TA industry, first as founding Editor at Recruiting News Network, and now as Managing Editor of RecruitingDaily. Prior to this, his career has included leading, as well as consulting with, talent acquisition organizations for some of the world's most significant brands. He speaks at global conferences on talent acquisition, maintains an active presence in the global recruitment community, and generally has fun mucking around in the conversation the industry has in who it is, and where it’s going. His industry-leading Facebook group “Talent Product Plays” is considered a must-join by practitioners and vendors alike.