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Are you tired of scrolling through endless news articles to find the information you need about a company? Look no further than BizNar! This website is your one-stop-shop for easy… Read more

In this episode of the Recruiting Daily Podcast, William Tincup interviews Kiran Snyder, CEO and founder of Textio, about the future of HR tech and its relationship with chat GPT…. Read more

Get ready to ramp up the convenience factor to eleven by having ChatGPT always accessible as a chrome extension.

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In this session learn the secrets of strategic benchmarking. If you know how to look into the past and quantify what you’ve done, you’ll be able to build a path toward improvement. 

Today’s episode of the RecruitingDaily Podcast has special guest Art Zeile, the CEO of DHI Group.  He’s bringing up important topics about tech hiring trends and how we can get… Read more

We all want to do cold outreach easier. Nobody wants to spend hours hunting down the perfect candidate when you can just cold blast 1000 developers some outreach and see… Read more

Organizations have had to redefine what their workplace experience means. With these recent changes, adoption accelerators seem to be one of the ways that companies can help their employees adapt… Read more

The impact AI has had in the recruiting industry is getting ridiculous. With AI curating lists of potential hires and recruiting emails being crafted by AI, you have to ask…was… Read more

When it comes to software developers, GitHub is the holy grail of geeks. Everyone who’s anyone is on this platform, and a site you probably frequent if you’re hiring a… Read more

With AI reaching new heights in conversational prowess, written language, and even art…it’s no surprise that using ChatGPT for Boolean is quite effective. And, it can do it well. The… Read more

Seekout‘s platform has always been one of the industry’s leading bits of recruiting technology.  However, with its recent filter upgrade you can now breeze through candidate searches without having to… Read more

Come watch our annual Boolean Beginners Bash, where Brian Fink lays the foundation for sourcing and recruiting professionals who want to transform their talent acquisition capabilities. You can bet your booty you’re gonna have a killer time.

AI For Sourcing With Gal Almog of Talenya


On today’s episode of the RecruitingDaily Podcast, William Tincup talks to Gal Almog, Sr Vice President of Paycor about the power of AI, and how their new platform is shaping the way we… Read more

Companies hiring are always looking for a way to get an edge on the competition. One of the best ways to do this is by screening applicants’ social media profiles… Read more

Learn from the best and advance your sourcing career! We’re covering all the essential tools & methods you need to be an effective talent sourcer. Join us at no cost on March 23, 2023!

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