Melissa Fischer
CEO NurseRegistry

As the CEO of NurseRegistry and a licensed nurse, Melissa is deeply passionate about advocating for the nurse workforce and providing a positive experience to members of the nursing community.

Since 2012, she has led NurseRegistry on its mission to deliver the best experiences for nurses, patients, and healthcare organizations.


Nursing Retention and Happiness With Melissa Fischer of NurseRegistry

Melissa Fischer, CEO of NurseRegistry, was a guest on the Recruiting Daily Podcast to discuss best practices for nursing retention and keeping them happy.

Nurse Registry is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and focuses on finding opportunities for nurses within California. Fischer emphasized that there are many opportunities available for nurses beyond working in hospitals or glamorous roles such as ER or labor and delivery nurses. She believes it’s important to get these opportunities in front of nurses so they can find their perfect fit.

Before discussing happiness in the workplace, Fischer and William Tincup talked about the demand for nurses. Pre-COVID, Tincup believed there weren’t enough nurses to fill open positions, let alone future positions. While this may not be entirely true, the demand for nurses is still high.

Fischer stated that Nurse Registry has seen an increase in demand for home health and private duty nursing due to the pandemic. She believes the key to meeting the demand for nurses is to promote nursing as a career choice and create more opportunities for nurses to advance their careers. This article targets the phrase “nursing retention” to highlight the importance of keeping nurses happy to retain them in the field.

Listening Time: 28 minutes

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