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Avionte unveiled its 24/7 MOBILE JOB BOARD, an application that works with the company’s 24/7 Mobile Talent solution to create a recruiting tool. The product allows users to search jobs… Read more

Hiring automation platform Fyndo recently launched. The company aims to aid small and medium-sized businesses in their hiring process with the addition of automation in processes such as posting jobs… Read more

Talent intelligence platform SeekOut launched new generative AI technology based on OpenAI’s GPT. Called SeekOut Assist, the tool allows recruiting teams to quickly move from a job description to initial… Read more

SeekOut launched SeekOut Assist, a product that uses AI to help recruiters move from job description to initial contact with candidates quickly. The offering’s AI technology is based on a… Read more

Beamery launched TalentGPT, a HR technology that uses generative AI to help deliver personalized experiences in the workplace. The product offers a “single assistant” using Beamery’s existing AI along with… Read more

Indeed will lay off 2,200 employees, or 15% of its workforce, according to media reports. “The cuts come from nearly every team, function, level and region,” of the company, CEO… Read more

Ceipal launched an advanced and comprehensive package of features designed to automate the entire talent acquisition lifecycle. The company said staffing organizations with five to ten recruiters can gain unlimited… Read more

Staffing and recruiting software solutions provider Avionté introduced 24/7 ONBOARDING, a mobile-enabled solution that allows talent to complete all onboarding tasks from their smartphone while also providing real-time updates to… Read more

HireClix launched a new solution, Career Site, to provide enterprise organizations with an upgraded career site experience for candidates on a consumer-grade technology platform. The company said the solution aims… Read more

Paycor announced that it has rebranded its Talenya AI-powered recruiting technology platform as Paycor Smart Sourcing. The platform uses AI to uncover talent and engage with candidates automatically. According to… Read more

hireEZ and unveiled a strategic partnership that they say will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of talent acquisition professionals. The partnership offers a seamless and integrated talent acquisition solution,… Read more

The NFL Player Care Foundation (PCF) has announced an expansion of its career assistance program with Atrium, a women-owned staffing and workforce solutions firm. Founded in 2007, the NFL Player… Read more

Talent acquisition company Relode partnered with iCIMS for a new candidate matching integration in the iCIMS Marketplace. According to the companies, this will help their customers find qualified, interview-ready candidates… Read more

Upwork announced a solution that will make hiring full-time employees available to all of it customers for the first time. The company said the end-to-end solution will help companies of… Read more

hireEZ announced it will begin offering generative AI functionality with the Generative Pre-trained Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) language model. The new product will use the GPT-3 alongside hireEZ’s machine… Read more

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