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International Women’s Day is an important moment to reflect not only on the women who helped shape our leadership perspective but also on the personal journeys which made us the… Read more

Job seeker behavior will continue to reflect the impact of a pandemic, war in Europe, economic whiplash and, well: everything else, according to new iCIMS research. According to their newly… Read more

Responding to multiple headwinds, major tech employers including Twitter, Meta, and Salesforce are slashing roles across their organizations. Hit particularly hard are talent acquisition related positions. Wednesday, Meta laid off… Read more

When most people apply for jobs, they expect the job description on postings to match the job that will be filled. However, our recently published study examining startup hiring shows that this… Read more

While it’s not news that recruiting is especially complex at the moment, newly released data from Randstad Sourceright has an interesting (if not entirely shocking) insight: soft skills are in… Read more

According to a new report from branding agency Brandemix, corporate marketing had finally come around to embracing the idea that employment brand is critical to success, The 6th annual State… Read more

Well: here it is. A likely preview of the types of labor reports we’ll be seeing over the coming months. Not so much the exact same numbers, per se, but… Read more

How many candidates should make it to the final interview, and why? We asked experienced recruiters and hiring managers for advice on streamlining your interview process. There are several perspectives… Read more

In the last 12-18 months, employers have increased pay scales for all kinds of hard to fill jobs. However, one of those is more critical than the rest: recruiters. The… Read more

On today’s episode of SHRM Live, Alison Daley speaks with William Tincup about the importance of tech recruiter training. Above all, if you can’t understand geeks how can you recruit… Read more

On today’s limited SHRM Talent: Live podcast series, Tim Sackett and William Tincup riff about bursted content, keeping your audience engaged, and the tools that makes someone excel in their… Read more

On today’s episode of SHRM Live, Allessandria Polizzi discusses her insight on the importance of valuing your employee’s emotional stability. She focuses on identifying points of stress and risk, and… Read more

On today’s episode of SHRM Live, Hari Kolam and Liv Anderman discuss how Findem is a recruiting platform like no other. The technology it is based on is more than… Read more

On today’s episode of SHRM Live, Serge Massicotte discusses AppyHere and how it can drastically increase the number of high quality hourly workers you can interview. He also wants the… Read more

On today’s episode of SHRM Live, David Gilbert speaks with William Tincup about the use case of Whispir, and how this platform can drastically increase conversion rates with your leads…. Read more

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