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Inbound recruiting is the most fair and efficient way to hire.

Jobs cost little or nothing to post. Recruiters waste no time trying to find and woo passive candidates, and all qualified job seekers – regardless of privilege or company connections – are encouraged to apply.

So why do so many recruiting teams prefer sourcing and referrals over inbound?

Understandably, without the right systems and habits in place, it’s hard to do inbound recruiting well.

But surprisingly quick, simple changes to your process can transform inbound from a source of noise to your best source of candidates and hires.

Watch Datapeople CEO & Co-founder, Amit Bhatia, and Scott Allan, Content Creator at RecruitingDaily, to learn how Datapeople builds better everyday habits among recruiters and hiring managers, enabling hiring teams to attract larger, more qualified, and more diverse applicant pools without spending a dollar more.

In this demo, you’ll learn:

  • Why inbound recruiting done right is the most fair and efficient way to hire
  • How Datapeople helps hiring teams work together to write better job posts in minutes that attract more diverse, qualified candidate pools and fill faster
  • What common mistakes deter qualified candidates from your roles – and how to ensure your team avoids them


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Then keep an eye on your inbox. Datapeople will work with you to create a custom report that analyzes the performance of your job descriptions, giving you invaluable insights that will help improve your hiring processes.

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