8 Recruitment Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Recruitment marketing refers to the whole process of promoting the value of a position at a company. It employs different marketing strategies to engage and interact with potential employees or attract them towards the position.

Along with being a strategy in itself, recruitment marketing is also a career for many. Broadly categorized under the HR and marketing department, it is a field addressing specific needs of a company, i.e., implementing relevant marketing tactics to add to expand the human resources of a company relevantly.

With that said, like all other careers, there are several mistakes that professionals or aspiring professionals of this field may commit (often without even realizing!). And so, here we have condensed the top 8 recruitment marketing mistakes that you ought to avoid at all costs.


1. Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Perhaps, the first and most common mistake that all recruitment marketers commit is formulating a job-description without any practical grounds. You cannot demand under 30 and 5+ years of experience as HOD at once! That’s impractical and unrealistic.

Instead, you can include your must-haves and screen for candidates that meet most of them. Advertising for the ideal candidate who meets all stated requirements is not a wise move as it will unnecessarily restrict your candidate pool.


2. Not Using Visual Content

We live in an Instagram-ruled world. Need we say more?

Visual content, such as pictures, infographics, or picture boards, can promise increased engagement and attention. Given the success of YouTube, a short video regarding the office environment or a day at work can also increase engagement substantially.

We know it can become difficult to keep creating newer content all the time. So, what you can do is repurpose content, which technically means recycling older content. Use the text data of your previous brand-building or other similar posts for creating newer visual content. In this way, you don’t repeat the exact stuff and still keep your audience regularly updated.


3. Ignoring SEO

Let us put this plain and simple. You just CAN’T do this. It is the biggest mistake if internet marketing is all that your company relies upon.

We live in a world driven by search engines, at least speaking of the present day. It gets you connected to your prospective clients in the fastest way possible. Alternatively, you may find yourself investing bulks of resources only to yield minimal results. So, better make the best possible use of search engine optimization!


4. Coming to Life during Hiring Season Only

You cannot expect the best results if you don’t intend on investing time and energy, especially when it comes to gathering qualified people to get the job done. Your staff and their performance will be determining the degree of your success. And so, you ought to invest in them generously, i.e., all round the year.

Well, yes. We mean that. Recruitment marketers need to stay in touch with potential employees even when not hiring. A consistent presence online can add to confidence and trust. It also reflects the company’s stability. Thus, bringing in better candidates.

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5. Designing Fancy but Confusing Application Process

Often, recruitment marketers fail to meet the most common and obvious criterion of job applications, i.e., comprehensibility. Sure, all those sign-in forms, double-verifications, and intricate web structure make your company seem fancy. But it could drive your candidates away if the application process is too complex! Keep it simple and minimalistic. Maybe direct them to a single page with minimal but relevant requirements.


6. Not Hiring Immediately

No, we don’t mean that you should be hiring the next day. Or when marketing a position to get it filled in an hour. We realize shortlisting and evaluation demand time and attention. However, you ought to focus on minimizing the gap between the applications and hiring process.

To make it more specific for all the recruitment marketers reading this, you need to put up the job post or communicate about the open position when your company is all set to jump into the employee evaluation process. Or perhaps, when your company is ready take a member on board.

Do not begin advertising only when the idea of a new role is under consideration. You know, all the talent out there gets hired way too quickly. And repeated non-responsiveness to ideal candidates can damage your reputation significantly.


7. Not Promoting the Brand Enough

In our attempts to utilize our limited resources most effectively, we often forget to promote the brand enough. No matter how well you design the job description or interact with your potential candidates. If they visit a website or a page with zero to negligible content, it will shake their confidence greatly. They may not entrust you with their future, keeping you deprived of their valuable services. Thus, working on brand promotion and identity is just as important.


8. Neglecting Your Email Subscription List

Today, Email Marketing is holding a great degree of value in the marketing department. No HR department can successfully survive without it. However, regardless of the known importance, several recruitment marketers overlook the very aspect.

The constant growth of the email subscription list contributes to stronger relations with a clientele. It also promises greater brand awareness with each message. Thus, becoming a bridge between your company and potential talent. Hence, we recommend working on it regularly.


Final Thoughts

So, by avoiding these eight mistakes, you can enhance and improve the results of your strategies in no time. We realize that some of these mistakes are difficult to avoid, having an alternative too-demanding. And so, we suggest the use of task management software for efficient management.

Be it in terms of preplanning content, timely publishing, checking emails and responses, or assigning relevant tasks to team members. Task management software can help with all. Alternatively, dive deep into planning and sorting. And, of course, avoiding these major mistakes. Good Luck!

Shawn Mack

Shawn Mack is a content writer who offers ghostwriting, copy-writing, and blogging services. His educational background in business and technical fields has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He is also fond of writing interesting articles on technology & digital marketing related topics.